Hassan Al Mana at the Sidra Graduate Associate Workshop

Sidra Launches National Development Strategy 2.0

Sidra Medical and Research Center (Sidra) has announced the launch of its National Development Strategy 2.0. The strategy -“To inspire and cultivate the development of Qataris and the development of the healthcare sector in Qatar” – is a clear affirmation in support of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and the country’s national health strategies.

Under the new strategy, national development as well as learning and development programs at Sidra are customized to ensure that nationals at all levels  – whether students, graduates or skilled employees – are given access to the right training tools and mentorship to advance their careers in healthcare.

Commenting on Sidra’s approach to national development, Dr. Kholode Al Obaidli, Chief Learning Officer said, “The healthcare sector in Qatar has undergone major progressive changes. We must ensure that our nationals adapt to these changes and are ready to bring further progress and innovation in the field. This applies to clinical, scientific and medical administration roles.”

“With a national workforce of nearly 27 per cent, we are putting in place strategies and programs to further grow the number of Qatari’s joining healthcare. The key driver to rolling out the national strategy at Sidra, is to ensure that that people are the right fit for the role and that they have clear learning and development paths mapped out. Their journey of career growth and development should evolve throughout the entire employee lifecycle,” continued Dr. Kholode.



The National Development Strategy 2.0 career development opportunities at Sidra include:

  • LEAD Yourself – an accredited development program (from ILM, UK) designed to provide nationals with the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to succeed in the workplace.
  • Leadership Behaviors – to support to promote and support behavioral expectations of all employees.
  • Fursati – a development program designed to support all nationals achieve their full potential. The program places the onus on the individual to invest in their professional growth via a development plan.
  • Coaching as a Management Style – This demonstrate the effectiveness of coaching as a tool to guide performance and development conversations.
  • GE Healthcare Leadership – joint collaboration course that provides an opportunity for managers to leverage their skills through on the job project-based activities, coaching and project reporting.
  • Exploring international and local partnerships for work placements


Peter Morris, Chief Executive Officer at Sidra said, “As we celebrate our one year anniversary of the Sidra Outpatient Clinic opening – national development remains an integral part of our short to long term focus. Our national development programs are strategic interventions that will contribute towards Sidra’s overall success. Sidra is committed to providing excellent developmental opportunities for our national graduate associates – our future leaders.”

Sidra has identified students as a key future talent pool – with active measures taken to encourage and inspire more students to consider careers in science and medicine. Training and scholarship programs have also been streamlined to position Sidra as an employer of choice.  Sidra is currently offering scholarship opportunities in nursing, medicine and allied health.

In addition to its academic partnership with Weill-Cornell Medicine in Qatar, Sidra has also established affiliations with the University of Calgary in Qatar, Qatar University and Hamad bin Khalifa University. Several Sidra clinicians, nurses, scientists and researchers currently hold teaching or guest lecture spots in academic institutions across the country.

“Medical Education, is one of the three pillars for Sidra, however we also recognize the need to upskill and develop the talent for those in non-medical roles as well. To that end, we are in talks with other institutions to develop medical administration based programs to attract a wider talent pool of recruits. We are truly committed to opening up multiple pathways for more nationals to join Sidra. Ultimately, success to us means powering the healthcare sector in Qatar with an internationally trained and nationally integrated workforce,” concluded Dr. Kholode.

Qatari students seeking scholarships in medicine, allied health or nursing majors can email their queries to scholarship@sidra.org. For career related updates, please visit www.sidra.org.