Sidra Sports day 2014

Sidra employees enjoy National Sport Day

The celebrations for National Sport Day took place all over Qatar on February 11th and Sidra certainly didn’t disappoint us with the fantastic event at The Grand Hyatt Beach and Garden. The area was turned into a throng of activity with lots of games and sports for both adults and children. Combined with a relaxing ambience of food and music; it truly was a perfect day! Kids screamed with delight on the bouncy castle, shouted words of encouragement during the tug-of-war (and words of sadness as the rope broke!), played table tennis with their families, popped balloon darts with vigor and ran freely from one activity to another while finding “treasures” hidden among the trees or having their face painted. The grown-ups did yoga on the beach, played rousing games of volleyball and football and watched as their friends and family came together to celebrate Qatar’s third National Sport Day.

The day flowed magnificently with the help of Stuart Baker (Event Team) on the mic, making sure everyone knew what was happening and more importantly that everyone was having fun. Dr. Owen, CEO of Sidra reminded us all of why Sport Day matters, why we need to keep healthy to help keep our patients and the people of Qatar healthy, and that this was a day for us to bond as a big Sidra family.

“There were so many choices perfect for children and parents that you couldn’t help but want to get involved in something. We had our very own park with everything a family could think of doing on a day off and the atmosphere was amazing,” said Sidra’s Publications Editor Julie Shield, who brought her two children to the event. These comments were echoed by many members of staff who reveled in the warm weather, chatting to friends and colleagues outside of work. “The day was such a boost for Sidra staff, we were reminded that we were one big team working together to build this amazing medical and research center and we had so much fun together, a fabulous day!” said Jennifer Ahen, Head of Internal Communications.

“Apart from improving employee health, increasing productivity and reducing costs for employers, workplace wellness programs boost loyalty and commitment, a significant factor in a rapidly changing and expanding environment of Qatar. The National Sport Day is a good reminder to us all about the importance of nurturing a healthy lifestyle. We should always take this occasion to encourage new converts to the healthy lifestyle, and workplace wellness programs help bring this spirit into the office, where most of us spend a considerable amount of time,” said Shefa Ali, Sidra’s Head of Healthcare Marketing.