National Day Sidra 2014

Sidra celebrates Qatar National Day

Every year on December 18th, the people of Qatar come together to celebrate Qatar National Day: a day which commemorates the country’s independence and unification. Here at Sidra, we hold National Day very close to our hearts, as we feel privileged to be based in this thriving nation.

Qatar is one of the most rapidly changing and exciting countries in the world, as it develops and evolves to meet the needs of its growing population. A key part of this transformation is the significant investment to advance the quality of healthcare. As part of the Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar aims to be an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for all residents, and we are proud to be a part of this vision through our provision of world-class health care to children and women.

As a homegrown institution, we have the privilege of creating our own operating model based on international best practice standards which are used by leading healthcare organizations across the globe. Our team of international and Qatari leaders has been able to tailor different best practice approaches into an operating model that is completely unique to Sidra and Qatar.

Such a large-scale undertaking could not have been accomplished without the combined efforts of Qataris and residents committed to making Qatar a great place to live and Sidra into a premier healthcare institution. Part of what makes Qatar so special is that it brings together people from many different cultures and walks of life. Here, Qataris and international expats live together and learn from one another every day. Nowhere is this more evident than at Sidra, as 25 percent of our staff members are Qatari, with the rest hailing from over 30 different countries. We take pride in bringing people from different cultures together and celebrating our shared home on National Day.

To mark our celebration of this auspicious day and share some of Qatar’s most treasured traditions, Sidra is hosting National Day festivities under the theme of Pearl Diving. Our employees will get a chance to learn more about the ancient marine trade of pearl diving and enjoy traditional music, food, a mini souq and craft making demonstrations.

Happy Qatar National Day to one and all!