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Statistical Genetics and Big Data Methods for Tailored Therapy

A hub for scientists, clinicians and gurus of data and software to hack though challenges in analysis and interpretation of multi-dimensional genomics and clinical data, and develop new ideas and analytical methodologies in statistical genetics, bioinformatics and machine learning to help extract novel reproducible findings from the multiple research programs at Sidra.

This will have the following broad aims:

  1. Critical review of newly developed methods in relevant fields to ensure internal alignment with the world’s expert trends and delivery of novel knowledge serving precision diagnostics, target discovery and validation
  2. Establish validated knowhow/workflows in statistical genetics and machine learning methods at Sidra for manipulation and interpretation of big biomedical data
  3. Recommend analytical frameworks and standards for adoption by the wider researchers and clinicians at Sidra
  4. Provide mutually informative experience for scientists and clinicians regarding the prioritization of statistical genetics- driven research questions and translational methodologies to unravel diseases in Qatar.

Group Chairs

Khalid Fakhro
Khalid Fakhro
Director - Human Genetics
Younes Mokrab
Younes Mokrab
Principal Investigator - Translational Genetics and Bioinformatics
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