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Quality and Compliance

Quality and Compliance SIG Aim

Establish interdepartmental scientific interest group in area of Quality and Compliance Research at Sidra.


Strategies to achieve our Aim

  1. Identify and prioritize quality and compliance research projects at Sidra.
  2. Team members to start on at least 1-2 group research projects related to Quality and Compliance during first year and then increase the numbers over time.
  3. Facilitate research collaboration between various stakeholder department staff members related to quality and compliance research projects.
  4. Team members to develop more organization wide awareness and increase participation in Quality and Compliance research.
  5. Team members to provide support for Quality and Compliance related research projects.
  6. Overtime setup a Quality and Compliance Research Track – accomplished by regular publications, international presentations and institutional setup of grants for research in this area.
  7. This would evolve into an interdisciplinary SIG-fostering Quality and Compliance research engagement of various disciplinary staff members.

Group Chairs

a photo of DR. Sharda Uddasi
Sharda Udassi
Senior Attending Physician
Luciano Callegaro
Director – Clinical Trials and Outcome Program
Assma Eshag
Assma Eshag
Attending Physician – Obstetrics
Ibrahim Ibrahim
Ibrahim Ibrahim
Senior Attending Physician - Internal Medicine/Acute Care Medicine
michael jensen
Michael Jensen
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