Nutritional Genomics and Metabolism

Cancer, obesity, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and others are known as not-communicable diseases (NCDs), which are determined by both genetic background and environment. Environment means lifestyle, food habits, pollution, drug effects, parental lifestyle, etc.

The purpose of the SIDRA Scientific Interest Group (SIG) in Nutritional genomics and Metabolism is to disseminate new information about determinants of NCDs in the areas of nutrition, nutrigenetics, epigenetics, microbiome, pharmacogenomics, and to discuss and interpret new data and to promote research in NCDs.

Proposed activities:

  • Frequent seminars with internal and invited speakers
  • Journal clubs to discuss new findings and data
  • Share interesting papers, contacts, protocols, reagents, etc…

Group Chairs

a photo of annalisa terranegra
Annalisa Terranegra
Investigator - Assistant Level
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