Novel Experimental Research Development

Proteomics, genomics, metabolomics and cellomics represent new frontiers in translational research. The establishment of Deep Phenotyping Core and Clinical Genomics Laboratory of Sidra has brought together several of these cutting edge technologies, which maybe of interest to the research community in Qatar as a whole.

Beyond these “omics”, smart mobile medical/fitness device is another trend that transforms modern health care.  The focus of the NERD scientific interest group will be on developing novel applications of genomic, proteomic approaches and smart medical devices to facilitate early disease detection, risk assessment and treatment.

We would like to invite colleagues from all institutes around Qatar to join us to share, exchange and discuss new assays, new devices and new challenges in the field of translational research.

Group Chairs

Jean-Charles Grivel
Jean-Charles Grivel
Director - Deep Phenotyping
a photo of wei liu
Wei Liu
Director - Clinical Genomics Laboratory
, Associate Investigator
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