Blood Omics

Blood is an accessible tissue that can be readily sampled in order to obtain information about the health status of an individual or to investigate perturbations associated with pathogenic processes or response to therapy.

Omics technologies allow the simultaneous measurement of analytes on very large-scales – up to the scale of entire biological systems – to gain a holistic understanding of the molecular and cellular events underlying a disease or response to treatment.

This group will be interested in all methodological and conceptual advances relating to blood omics technologies, from sample acquisition and processing, to data acquisition, analyses/interpretation and visualization.

Examples of “Omics technologies” that may be relevant to blood-based studies include, but are not limited to, transcriptomics, proteomicsm, metabolomics and large-scale serological profiling. Use of these techniques as readout for profiling of “fresh” unstimulated blood, serum/plasma, or blood used in in vitro stimulation assays will be covered.

Group Chairs

a photo of Damien chaussabel
Damien Chaussabel
Director - System Biology and Immunology
Nico Marr
Nico Marr
Investigator - Assistant Level
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