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The Bioinformatics Interest Group at Sidra, aims at bringing together people working in bioinformatics and computational biology from across Qatar’s educational, medical and research institutes.

Being hosted in a medical organization, our focus will be on topics relevant to the mission of Sidra, i.e. bioinformatics applied to human health.

We will be hosting talks covering a range of topics such as NGS alignment and variant calling algorithms, evolutionary biology, reference genome building, GWAS, PheWAS, diagnostic genetics, cancer genetics, gene expression, etc.

We will try to accommodate both ends of the spectrum of audience, from the tech-savvy hands-on bioinformaticians, to the less familiar medical and biology researchers.

We welcome colleagues from all institutes to become members of this group, and highly encourage participants to share their research and expertise within this platform.

A schedule of talks and events will be announced on this page.

Group Chairs

Abeer Fadda
Abeer Fadda
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