Strategic Approach and Plan

Research Strategic Overview

The Research Branch of Sidra Medical and Research Center serves as a hub for biomedical research in Qatar. Its aim is to advance the understanding of epidemiology and mechanisms of diseases, develop preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic tools, and improve the health outcomes of the women and children of Qatar.

The Research Branch is proud to launch its Five-Year Strategic Plan from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2020, which outlines high-level concepts and the scope of research by prioritizing investigations and addressing biomedical problems that are of national relevance and also have a global impact. As part of this strategy, the research team will prioritize translational research programs that link to diseases relevant to Qatar and the region.

A key initiative of the Research Division at Sidra is to provide first class research training to the next generation of Qatari scientists. They will also facilitate the process of clinical testing and discovery by adopting advanced technologies.

The Branch aims to develop world leading science and research programs that will align with Qatar’s national research strategy and also help address other public health issues.

The focus of the Research Branch is to support clinicians to practice personalized healthcare in all facets of healthcare delivery within Sidra. Most of the research in the Research Branch will underpin the concept of personalized medicine.

Key Areas of our Research

  • Development and Preventive Medicine
  • Neonatal medicine, pediatric and adolescent preventive medicine, addressing issues such as inborn errors of metabolism and postnatal conditions of the infant such as hypothermia, malnutrition and infection
  • Pregnancy Health and Fertility
  • Prenatal health, perinatal health, postnatal health, and fertility, addressing issues such as high infant mortality rate in Qatar, early-term miscarriage and neural tube defects
  • Women’s Health
  • Research programs in diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and others, addressing issues such as gestational diabetes, gynecological cancers and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy


The Research Branch houses several investigators to cover basic, translational, clinical trials and informatics research. The Branch comprises two research floors totaling 10,000M2 and 9 smaller “satellite laboratories” throughout the hospital.

It houses basic laboratories as well as state of the art core facilities, e.g. genomics, medicinal chemistry and imaging.

Partners, Society, Agencies and Private Companies

  • Anti-Doping LaboratoryResearch
  • Carnegie Mellon University in QatarResearch, Education
  • College of the North AtlanticEducation
  • Hamad Medical CorporationResearch, Patient Care, Education
  • Qatar Biomedical Research InstituteResearch
  • Qatar UniversityResearch, Education
  • University of Calgary in QatarHealth Promotion, Disease Prevention
  • The Weill Cornell Medical College in QatarMedicine, Research