Research Administration

Mission and Values

The mission of the research office is to support our investigators with state-of-the-art administrative systems coupled with superb customer service. We understand that Sidra scientists are our clients and we are here to facilitate their work. Wherever possible, the research office staff will personally sit with an investigator to explain complicated issues whether related to compliance, contracts, laboratory safety or technology transfer and development.

Our business processes have been designed to keep administrative burden on our investigators to an absolute minimum. This is achieved through a combination of deploying sophisticated software, a laser focus on customer service and continuous re-evaluation of our processes by seeking input from our clients. While our scientists must comply with Sidra research policies, the flexibility afforded to the research administrative staff further minimize bureaucratic hurdles.

Customer service and reducing administrative burden on our scientists are our core values.


The Research Office is committed to supporting the highest standards of research and continued success at Sidra by:

  1. Educating and Training researchers in the responsible conduct of research and research compliance
  2. Developing, implementing, and evaluating operational policies and procedures related to human subject protection, animal welfare, research safety, and research misconduct; and
  3. Working with other appropriate governmental offices to provide guidance on policies and procedures related to the integrity of research conducted at Sidra.

Please note that CVs or resumes sent to this email address will be disregarded. Please visit our Careers Section for updates about job listings at Sidra.

Development Focus

The Research Office is primarily responsible for the following areas of research compliance:

Human Subject Protection

If your research involves human subjects, you will need to obtain approval for your research from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). You can access forms, frequently asked questions, training, additional resources, and contact information to help assist you with the IRB approval process at the Research Office website

Animal Welfare Protection

If your research involves animals, you will need to obtain approval for your research from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Recombinant DNA Research

If your research involves the use of recombinant DNA (rDNA), you will need to obtain approval for your research from the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

Responsible Conduct of Research

Sidra Research Administration Division promotes the responsible conduct of research with high standards of ethics and accountability in planning, implementation, behavior, and information dissemination. Sidra utilizes the CITI Online Training website as a resource to facilitate training to researchers in an online format. In addition, continuing education workshops are offered periodically throughout the year.

Research Misconduct

Sidra Research Administration Division facilitates the responsible conduct of research through online training and educational workshops that will promote regulatory and preventive measures in conducting research ethically. Any suspected misconduct should be reported to the Research Chief – Administration and cases will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Grant Submission

All grant applications submitted to QNRF or other agencies must be submitted by the Research Office on behalf of the Investigator. The Research Office will vet the application’s budget and make sure that Sidra can abide by all of the terms and conditions set forth by the funding agency.

Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety includes policies, procedures, training and other information to ensure compliance in the research laboratories at Sidra. There are many regulatory requirements that laboratories must be in compliance with when working with biological, chemical and radiological materials.

Intellectual Property Development

Intellectual Property is critical to fostering innovation. If you have a potential invention, please contact the Research Office so we can help you with a disclosure and, potentially, file a patent for you.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

The Research Office offers mandatory and optional training on a variety of research compliance topics and issues. These training programs are available online via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) run by the University of Miami as customized training for our Research Branch. Basic courses related to the Human Care and Use of Animals, Protection of Human Subjects, and the Responsible Conduct of Research are available.
Click HERE to access the portal.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Sidra is an authority that reviews, approves, denies and provides ongoing oversight of research involving human subjects in accordance with Qatar Supreme Council of Health regulations.

It is composed of members and staff representing a cross-section of various disciplines including the physical, social and behavioral sciences, as well as representing the administration and the community.

Specific Human Subjects Protections certification requirements (CITI) are mandatory for everyone involved in research. To complete the required training please go to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website For inquiries, please email the IRB Administration office at

Once the submission has been received electronically by the IRB, the review time will vary based on the type of application submitted (see below). For Full Committee Review, please note the schedule of meetings for this fiscal year.

Sidra IRB Meetings in 2018

Within 2-3 weeks of submission, process should be completed.

Within 1-2 weeks of submission, process should be completed.

Submission DeadlineMeeting DateTime
16 Jan 201828 Jan 201811 – 13
15 Feb 201827 Feb 201811 – 13
15 Mar 201827 Mar 201811 – 13
12 Apr 201824 Apr 201811 – 13
10 May 201822 May 201811 – 13
14 Jun 201826 Jun 201811 – 13
12 Jul 201824 Jul 201811 – 13
09 Aug 201821 Aug 201811 – 13
13 Sep 201825 Sep 201811 – 13
04 Oct 201816 Oct 201811 – 13
08 Nov 201820 Nov 201811 – 13
06 Dec 201818 Dec 201811 – 13