Referrals & Appointments

Sidra Medicine provides specialized healthcare to patients after they have been referred by another practitioner or in some instances by a school nurse or counselor. Appointments are required for all Outpatient Clinic and Inpatient Services for women, children and young people. Currently, no pediatric walk-in patients can be accepted at Sidra Medicine.

How do I get a referral?

Sidra Medicine accepts referrals from all healthcare providers in Doha, including Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) and private healthcare institutions. Patients are then scheduled for appointments (triaged) based on the severity of their condition.

Sidra Medicine also accepts referrals from school nurses and counselors for child and adolescent psychiatry and child advocacy services. School counselors can email to request for more details and a referral form.


Can I self-refer?

Self-referrals to Sidra Medicine are currently available for the following Women’s Services: 

  • Women considering Sidra Medicine as a private healthcare option, can request to speak to a representative within Women’s Services.  The Women’s Services Department also offers prospective patients a tour of its birthing suites and other facilities. If you would like to refer yourself for an Obstetrics, Gynecology or Maternal Fetal Medicine appointment, please call the Women’s Services on 4003 3333 or email for more information.
  • If you want to refer for our Perinatal Mental healthcare service, please ask for the Women’s Wellbeing Clinic by contacting the Sidra Medicine Hotline (4003-3333) and requesting an appointment. Patients will then be triaged to determine if they meet the necessary criteria to be treated forPerinatal Mental Health Care at Sidra Medicine.


For referring physicians

Sidra is expanding the availability of patient discharge notes to referring organizations, and implementing a program of network development and outreach focusing on clinical decision support for referring providers.

Please click here to read our Referral Guidelines

Before I self-refer, how can I find more information on billing?

Sidra Medicine has a team of financial counsellors to discuss care options, including payments and insurance coverage. Please click here.


Emergency Services

  • The Pediatric Emergency Department is NOT OPEN. Currently, children’s emergency walk-ins to Sidra Medicine will be transferred or directed to Pediatric Emergency Centers. Until an official announcement has been made, all pediatric emergency cases should continue to present at pediatric emergency centers in Doha to ensure care is provided on time.


  • The Women’s Urgent Care service is for Sidra Medicine patients who go into spontaneous labor, pregnant women under 20 weeks’ gestation as well as patients with urgent gynecological problems. All women who go into labour Sidra Medicine patients will be first seen by the Women’s Urgent Care Unit located in the Plaza Level of Tower D in the main hospital. The Women’s Urgent Care are available on 40031401 or 40031402.

Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Your Health, Your Right…

Download the brochure below about patients’ bill of rights and responsibilities set out by the Ministry of Public Health.  If you have any question regarding the bill of rights, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have a referral, now how do I get an appointment?

If your referral is from HMC, PHCC or a Pediatric Emergency Center, Sidra Medicine will automatically receive the referral. Your referral will be processed and triaged based on the severity of your condition. A Sidra Medicine scheduler will be in contact to confirm your appointment date and time.

If your referral is from another healthcare institution, you will need to send the referral to Sidra Medicine yourself via:

Fax:       +974 4003 6024

Physical drop off
If you have a paper referral and would prefer to drop it to Sidra Medicine, there are referral drop-boxes at the Outpatient Clinic information desk and Tower A main desk of the main hospital. Please note that this is for referral drop off only and you will not be able to organize your appointment at the same time.

Once received, a Sidra Medicine scheduler will be in contact to confirm your appointment date and time.