Payment and Insurance

Sidra Medicine is a referral only, private women’s, children’s and young people’s hospital for public benefit
Sidra Medicine is now one of several healthcare organizations in Qatar that has widened the choice for patients to access maternity care and specialist children’s services in the country.

We have the following options available to access both outpatient and inpatient care:

  • If Sidra Medicine is the only provider in Qatar of the service that a patient needs – their care will be met by Sidra funding
  • If patients have a choice of where they go for treatment and choose Sidra Medicine as their healthcare provider, services will be chargeable to the patient
  • Sidra Medicine accept all insurance plans and payments related to care
  • Sidra Medicine accepts payment by credit card, bank card or cash

Sidra Medicine also accepts referrals for pregnant patients from Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) centers.

Our financial counselors will advise patients of their options and provide support throughout the process.

For payment options, please call 4003 0899 between (7.00 am to 7.00 pm) or email