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Q&A with Matt Maughan, Director of Pharmacy Operations

What inspired you to make Sidra the next step in your career?

I was very interested in the opportunity to build a department from the ground up. To design a process for medication preparation and delivery that was at the highest level of safety and quality. I was also very excited to influence the pharmacy practice in Qatar and in the region.


What interesting innovations or opportunities do you see for the pharmacy field at Sidra?

We will be bringing several cutting edge technologies together in the same hospital to advance safety and efficiency in pharmacy practice. Many hospitals have one or two of these, but at Sidra we will be bringing many of them together to showcase the next generation of hospital pharmacy practice.


You moved from Cleveland to Doha. What are the best things you’ve found out about Doha so far?

I’ve loved the people that I’ve met, who are from around the world. It’s a wonderful metropolitan city with plenty to do and see.


How do you fill your leisure time in Doha?

We have a great time as colleagues who are living near each other, and whose families haven’t joined us yet. We have dinner together and talk. There’s always something that we haven’t seen, or done yet.


What is a fun fact that people would be pleasantly surprised to know about you?

I really like classical music and watching foreign films with subtitles.