Important Legal Information

Innovation and transparency are key Sidra values.  Everything we do at Sidra is built around our values, and that includes our interactions with visitors, contractors and vendors.

In these pages you will find key information that will help you to decide whether doing business with Sidra is right for your organization.

We have provided information about our Code of Ethical Conduct, our policies that may apply to your activities, and the terms on which we would anticipate doing business with your organization.

Code of Ethical Conduct

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The Code of Ethical Conduct is at the heart of everything we do.  It regulates the way we behave at Sidra and it applies to everyone at Sidra and doing business with Sidra.

It sets out the minimum standards that we expect from staff and vendors and contractors alike.

Standard Terms of Business

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We understand that you need to know what we expect of our vendors and contractors.  Our standard contractual terms and conditions set out the basis of the legal and contractual relationship we want to have with you.

Our standard Purchase Order terms, Agreement for Goods and Agreement for Services are provided for information.  Although we regularly use these in our procurements we do sometimes use other forms of agreement.

Therefore, you should not assume that any particular project will use these templates.  They do, however, give an indication of the types of contractual terms Sidra expects.  Actual contractual terms are, of course, subject to change to fit a specific project at the relevant time.


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Sidra requires its vendors, contractors and service provides to carry:

  • general (third party) liability insurance

  • workers compensation insurance or employers liability insurance

  • professional indemnity insurance

More Information?

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