a photo of DR. Boyd and Ranya Fakih

Meet Rachel, Tina and Jason – the first DAISY Award winners in Qatar!

We are proud to announce the three recipients of our inaugural DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses – Rachel Browne, Clinical Nurse Leader; Jason Simpson, Acting Director, Perioperative Nursing Services; and Tina Anselmi-Moulaye, Clinical Educator. The DAISY Award is presented by over 1,700 healthcare organizations around the world to acknowledge extraordinary nursing accomplishments in the service and delivery of compassionate care.

Commenting on the award, Dr. Mary Boyd, Sidra’s Chief Nursing Officer, said: “The care, compassion and devotion nurses show patients sets the tone for the patients’ experience at the hospital. The three recipients are truly exceptional professionals whose commitment to excellence in patient care embodies the spirit of Sidra and the qualities of a DAISY Award winner. We are delighted to bring the DAISY Award to Qatar and look forward to celebrating the achievements of Sidra’s growing nursing team in the future.”

The presentation of this award achieves a new milestone in the development of the nursing profession in Qatar. This milestone acknowledges not only our winners — future nursing role models — but also nursing leaders in Qatar who have contributed to the establishment and promotion the nursing profession, with the consistent aim of delivering compassionate skilled care to patients and families. This year, the honorary award for nursing leadership was presented to Dr. Nabila Al-Meer, Deputy Chief of Continuing Care and Supreme Council of Health Nursing Affairs at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

Meet the award winners


“I’m humbled, proud and overwhelmed with this recognition from my colleagues.”

Rachel was awarded for her welcoming manner, having made new members of the nursing team truly feel at home in Doha and at Sidra, and setting them up for an exciting future.


Jason was awarded for his visionary leadership of multidisciplinary teams and for bringing camaraderie, respect and, importantly, a consistently good sense of humor to Sidra.


Winner-Tina-Anselmi-Moulaye-Clinical-EducatorTina was awarded for making positive connections with people, having built a working environment of trust and respect. She has also taken her passion for nursing across the globe, having worked in Malawi and Rwanda, where she taught local midwives ways to make the most of limited resources to improve the safety of women and newborns.

“I’m so glad that this award is being implemented at Sidra so that nurses can be recognized for their extraordinary work. I think that compassionate, quality care is a basic human right and everyone deserves that. I’m proud that Sidra is recognizing the amazing work nurses do every day.”

Honorary award winner: Dr. Nabila Al-Meer

Dr. Nabila Al-Meer, Deputy Chief of Continuing Care and Supreme Council of Health Nursing Affairs at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), received an honorary DAISY Award in recognition of her pioneering contributions to the nursing profession in Qatar. Throughout her career spanning nearly 40 years, Dr. Al-Meer helped restructure nursing governance, education and nursing practices within Qatar. She was also the first Qatari nurse to obtain a PhD in nursing from the University of Miami and a Master of Science from the University of Texas in the U.S.

Congratulations to Qatar’s first winners!

The DAISY Award was established by the DAISY Foundation, which was set up in the U.S. by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died in 1999 from an auto-immune disease. The care that Barnes and his family received from nurses during his hospitalization inspired a unique means of thanking nurses who have gone above and beyond their daily routine to ensure patients receive exceptional care. For more information see: http://daisyfoundation.org/daisy-award