a photo of laura corbett

Meet Laura Corbett, Clinical Nurse Leader – Birthing Center II & Maternal Specialty Care Unit

What is your home country and profession?
I’m from Canada was a RN in Women’s and Infant’s Health

What inspired you to relocate to Doha and work for Sidra?
We wanted an adventure and opportunity for a better work/life balance. Sidra’s mission and vision aligned with my own personal and professional values

What are the career development opportunities that Sidra offers you as a nurse?
We have the opportunity to be involved in the commissioning of a new hospital and the setting up of programs.

What interesting innovations in nursing do you see happening at Sidra?
Lots of international collaboration in identifying best practices and evidence to support quality patient care.

What are your favorite aspects of working in a hospital that will focus on the health and wellbeing of women and children?
My entire career has been in women’s and infant’s health. Women and children are often marginalized in health care so it is refreshing to work in an institution that places value and emphasis on these vulnerable populations.

What are the best things about living in Doha?
The best thing about living in Doha is that the work/life balance is much better, there is a wonderful focus on family, and lots of activities for families and safe easy travel to other parts of the world.

What have you found most surprising about living in Doha?
The wonderful support of the expat community and the ease of living within a culture different to my own.