a photo of Jennifer ahen

Meet Jennifer Ahen – Head of Internal Communications

What inspired you to come and work at Sidra?

I moved to Qatar 24 years ago. At that time Qatar was a sleepy, undeveloped town that had only started to grow due to the Oil and Gas Industry. I had left the US, which at the time had better infrastructure, especially in health care and education. I was enthusiastic about the change that the Qatar Foundation brought to Qatar, my own daughters benefiting from US university education at Georgetown and Northwestern at Education City. When I heard about Her Highness Sheikha Moza’s vision for Sidra, I was keen to be a part of it. I want to ensure that the next generation of women and children in Qatar enjoy world-class health care. Opening such a high-tech facility is challenging, but I believe Sidra has invested the resources in the best people and technology to make this happen. I can honestly envision the day when Sidra is a hub of world-class health care, education and research with a global reputation of excellence.

What interesting innovations or opportunities do you see happening at Sidra?

Sidra is keen to have cutting-edge technology – from robotics to our Patient Electronic Medical Record – PEARL. Our IT and health informatics teams are leading the way in delivering unique systems to provide optimum care and the best patient experience possible. Being a communicator we are reliant upon technology to help us deliver our message. For me it will be the ability to connect with employees using various systems – be it the intranet, digital and social media or mobile applications.

What are the best things about Doha/Qatar?

Qatar is culturally diverse and very dynamic. It is a safe place to raise a family, with every opportunity for academic and professional development and success.

What is a fun fact that people would be pleasantly surprised to know about you?

I have been blessed with 6 amazing, intelligent children who keep me young at heart.