a photo of clare cook

Meet Clare Cook – Clinical Nurse Leader, Obstetrical Triage

What is your home country and profession?
I am from England where I am registered as a nurse and a midwife

What inspired you to relocate to Doha and work for Sidra?
I have family in Doha, which is how I found out about Sidra. I am passionate about family centered care and that is at the heart of Sidra’s philosophy of care. Qatar’s vision for an equitable, fair national health service is inspiring and commendable. I want to ensure services for women and children are evidence based, family centered and recognized internationally as best practice.

What are the career development opportunities that Sidra offers you as a nurse?
I have gained valuable experience commissioning a new hospital which I could not have done at home in the UK.

What interesting innovations in nursing do you see happening at Sidra?
Working with nurses from different international backgrounds has given us a great opportunity to develop our model of care and examine best practice

In what ways does working in Qatar differ from working in your home country?
Healthcare in the UK is constrained by financial issues and well-established practice which can mean making changes is quite challenging. In Qatar the focus is on setting up new services and practice, which gives us a great opportunity to get things right at the start, rather than have to try and change an existing system or practice.

What are your favorite aspects of working in a hospital that will focus on the health and wellbeing of women and children?
Many women have their first contact with a hospital when they are pregnant so this is a time when women are at their most receptive to health promotion advice. Advice given at this stage can have long-term beneficial effects for the family.

What are the best things about living in Doha?
Great shopping, lovely restaurants, nice weather in winter.

What have you found most surprising about living in Doha?
The amazing support from everyone when you arrive here.