Simulation Training

The Sidra Simulation Center

Lead by an experienced team of simulation leaders , specialists and technologists, the Sidra Simulation Center will provide simulation education for all Sidra staff, affiliated medical students, relevant stakeholders as well as community members who care for women, children and their families. This world-class service reflects Sidra’s over-arching vision to become a beacon of learning, discovery and providing exceptional care for women and children in Qatar.

By developing and adapting innovative teaching strategies, the Sidra Simulation Center will offer programs that will seek to make substantial contributions to global maternal, pediatric and neonatal education and research. It will allow Sidra staff and students to be better prepared for their clinical experience and education – making for higher skill sets and highly functioning teams. It will also provide them with the necessary experience to handle real situations.

In collaboration with educators and clinical experts, the simulation team will use best practice principles of simulation along with the latest technologies. The simulation program will cover topics of learning related to patient safety; team behaviors; quality improvement; professional development; community and outreach programs and faculty development. The simulation team will utilize this unique opportunity to collect key data for the advancement of research in this growing field.

The combined simulation team experience and state-of-the-art technologies at the Sidra Simulation Center will give Sidra staff, students and stakeholders access to world-class methodologies, knowledge and expertise – that will help pave the way for advanced medical treatment and patient care.