National Development

Developing and empowering local talents …

Sidra Medical and Research Center has a diverse workforce that collaborates in a professional environment to achieve our vision of transforming health care for children and women in Qatar and beyond.

Sidra will be a world-class academic medical and research center staffed by highly skilled healthcare practitioners from around the world. Our vision, combined with Sidra’s commitment to enabling every member of staff to grow and develop while working in an open and collaborative environment, makes Sidra an exceptional training ground for your career.

National Development Program

The national development team is committed to Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and National Health Strategy to integrate Qataris – whether students, graduates or skilled – into our workforce, and providing them with opportunity and enrichment.

The strategic National Development Program developed by Sidra identifies, recruits and develops Qatar’s future generation in the organization. The team’s focus is the development of competent and qualified Qatari males and females to be future healthcare leaders at Sidra.

Sidra’s Education Grant and Graduate Associate Programs

Our Education Grant and Graduate Associate programs are set up specifically to encourage Qataris, and youth with Qatari mothers, to take up a career in science and medicine. The National Development team at Sidra has set up a two-phased approach to supporting talent:

  • Sidra’s Education Grant Program supports students in the study of medical and clinical degrees in approved universities in Qatar and internationally to prepare them for roles at Sidra.

  • The Graduate Associate Program offers graduates who have successfully finished their Education Grant-supported study to train for a medical career within Sidra.

Both initiatives accept applicants/students who have proven, through academic achievement and personal endeavor that they have the passion, dedication and ability to succeed at Sidra. We are looking for ambitious, dynamic youth who share our commitment to transforming healthcare in Qatar and the region.

Visit Sidra’s Career Portal and join us in becoming Qatar’s future healthcare leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-Qataris apply for the Education Grant and Graduate Associate Programs?

As part of Sidra’s National Development efforts, both programs are only offered to Qataris and children of Qatari mothers who are studying or have graduated in medicine or nursing.

Does Sidra offer internship/volunteering/shadowing programs?

Yes, Sidra offers internships and shadowing programs.
Our internship programs are advertised through leading universities or during career fairs in Qatar. Our job shadowing program is currently in partnership with the Bedaya Center.

Do I have to be a Graduate Grant recipient to become a Graduate Associate?

Yes, Graduate Associate positions are offered only to students who have successfully completed their medical or clinical field of study under a Sidra Education Grant.

I have a question about my application/eligibility?

If you have any questions about Education Grants, please contact the National Development Office at:
Fax: +974 4404 2106