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Dr. Timothy McDonald introducing Sidra at International Congresses

This October, I, along with several of my colleagues, had the honor of representing Sidra at the 31st International Society for Quality in Health Care Conference (ISQua) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ISQua’s mission is to inspire, promote and support continuous improvement in the safety and quality of healthcare worldwide, with a network that spans 100 countries and five continents. Events like this are an exciting opportunity to not only learn the latest techniques and research from colleagues around the world, but meet and engage with our potential future colleagues as we look to recruit thousands of healthcare professionals to staff our state-of-the-art facility.

ISQua was a great success this year, with over 1,000 delegates attending from 68 countries. I enjoyed attending a variety of sessions exploring patient safety and patient-centered care, including an informative plenary session presented by Susan Sheridan in which she discussed initiatives that are engaging patients as partners to improve safety, quality and outcomes. Sessions such as this were especially interesting to me, as they relate to Sidra’s important goal of delivering truly personalized and patient-centric care by engaging individuals in their own health.

It was a pleasure to meet members of the international healthcare community and speak with them about Sidra’s vision of setting new standards in women’s and children’s health at ISQua. As Sidra is currently recruiting doctors, nurses and other professionals from around the world, it’s always an exciting thought that the people we meet at congresses could, one day, be our colleagues.

We take great pride in being ambassadors for Sidra and talking about our people, resources and technology when attending international congresses. We speak with physicians about the advanced technology that will power Sidra, including state-of-the-art robotics, computer-aided surgery and diagnostics, and 3D+ digital imaging. With researchers we share our excitement about Sidra’s state-of-the-art medical equipment and sophisticated laboratories. They are always keen to know about our latest projects, such as helping Qatar grow as a hub for genetics, driving MRI research development in Qatar and taking part in a study to determine factors predicting an individual’s response to vaccination. At nurse congresses, we are happy to explain that Sidra’s streamlined services and paper-lite system will give nurses the time and tools they need to provide an unprecedented level of patient care and dramatically decrease the time they spend on administrative tasks.

It is both very humbling and incredibly exciting to introduce Sidra to new audiences. This fall alone, we’re attending congresses in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, the UAE and in several cities in the U.S., including Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Diego. Our presence at each of these congresses is made unique by the people we meet, and, while attendees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, we are all united by a shared passion for quality healthcare.

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Looking forward to meeting you all.


Dr. Timothy McDonald, MD. JD.

Chair, Anesthesiology Medical Director for Quality and Safety
Sidra Medical and Research Center
Weil Cornell Medical College – Qatar