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Mohammed Elkhwad

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8006 Neonatal-perinatal Medicine

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About Mohammed Elkhwad

Medical Director ECMO

After graduating from Khartoum medical school, Dr. Elkhwad continued his training in Ireland and England, where he obtained his membership in the Royal College of Physician (MRCP). Dr. Elkhwad worked in multiple NICU centers in Ireland as a senior registrar and then as a consultant. He moved to the United States, where he was fortunate to work in World renowned hospitals, including Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Akron Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Elkhwad general area of research interest is the determination of the control system for the onset of human parturition. The research group he was part of focus, is the determination of the mechanisms of the developmental process of fetal membrane tissue remodeling process involving apoptosis and activation of matrix metalloproteinase leading to rupture. This work was funded by the NIH. Dr. Elkhwad was an administrator in organizing international placenta meetings. His work led to many publication and awards in this field. His second area of interest is clinical research leading to quality improvement in patient care.

Dr. Elkhwad is an associate professor of pediatrics at Northeastern Ohio medical university (NEOMED). He was the AGMCE core faculty at (NEOMED) for the medical students, residents as well as fellow’s education and training in the NICU.   Dr. Elkhwad was PDAT advisor to many medical students at the university. He was the AGMCE core faculty in residency committee developing the NICU curriculum for the medical students, residents as well as fellow’s education and training. He developed a pediatrics board review course with the help of other faculties and residents, which is conducted on yearly basis now.

Dr. Elkhwad was also carried on many administrative roles at Akron hospitals and in the community. He was an active member of the fetal treatment center, CME, pain management as well as the IRB committees in these institutes. He was responsible for the outreach program for so many community hospitals in the region. Dr. Elkhwad is finishing his MBA in business.

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