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Jai P Udassi

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8047 Pediatric Cardiology

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About Jai P Udassi

Director - Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care

Dr Jai Parkash Udassi is a graduate of Aga Khan University, trained in United States of America (USA) as a pediatrician, Pediatric Cardiologist and Pediatric General and Cardiac Intensivist. He is Triple Board certified in American Board of General Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. He has developed an active independent research program in cardiac arrest and resuscitation. He has been working on novel CPR device for Active Chest Compression and Decompression in Children during CPR. He was able to get a Patent on the device through University of Florida. He is recipient of a peer reviewed grant from AHA for his CPR research work. August 2014, he joined Sidra Research and Medical Center. Dr. Jai Udassi was working at University of Florida for last more than 10 years before joining Sidra. Dr Udassi brings unique expertise of Pediatric Cardiac Intensive care to Qatar along with his 23 years of experience in Medical Field.

  •   Degrees:  MD, FAAP, FACC, FAHA
  •   Specialities:  Cardiology, Pediatric Critical Care
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