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Rehabilitation Medicine

Serves children and adolescents who experience a sudden decline in their functional status due to a traumatic event, an acquired condition (e.g. brain tumor), a worsening of a progressive disease (e. g. muscular dystrophy), or who have a chronic disabling condition (e.g. cerebral palsy, spina bifida, brachial plexus injury).

Provides interdisciplinary rehabilitation services across the continuum of rehabilitation care which will include Sidra, the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI), and Rumailah Hospital.  In addition to Pediatric Physiatrists, these services will include a multi-disciplinary team of allied health practitioners.  It is anticipated that in the future the Primary Health Care Clinics (PHCC) will be included as part of the continuum of the provision of therapy services.

Services includes:

Acute and/or chronic illness and injury

Cerebral palsy

Muscular dystrophy

Sudden decline in medical and functional status

Traumatic brain injury

Worsening of a progressive disease

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