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Pediatric General Surgery

Pediatric surgeons deal with a broad range of congenital and acquired lesions, including:

Head and Neck: simple cutaneous soft tissue cysts (eg dermoid), thyroid /parathyroid lesions, thyroglossal duct cyst, branchial cleft remnants and cysts, tumors, lymphadenopathy, cystic hygroma, airway emergencies, airway foreign body.

Thoracic: all congenital and acquired lesions of lung; esophagus (including foreign body), diaphragm, mediastinum (tumors, thymic diseases, thoracic duct, sympathectomy, etc); chest wall, patent ductus arteriosis.

Abdomen: retroperitineum/pelvis, stomach, intestine, colon, rectum, liver spleen, pancreas, abdominal tumors (liver, renal, retroperitoneal, metastisis, chest wall) abdominal wall (hernias), genitalia (undescended testis, testicular tumors, varicocele), vascular access.

Trauma (up to the age of 14 years).

Burns (for patients who require Level 3 PICU only) will also be provided at Sidra.

The Department of Children’s Medicine will closely network with its partner, HMC (HGH, Women’s Hospital and Heart Hospital) in Doha. In addition, it will also network with the primary care services (e.g. PHCC) and secondary care services at Al Khor Hospital, Al Wakra Hospital and the other hospitals in the HMC network. HMC will provide secondary level of care for Pediatrics (general pediatrics), level II PICU (17 beds) and up to level III NICU.

Our Doctors

a photo of David Sigalet

David Sigalet

Chief of Clinical Services Officer