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Division of Gynecology

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Division's Overview

The Division of Gynecology provides care for women with various problems except oncology. The mission of the Division is to provide excellent state-of-the-art care in all areas of benign gynecology, make resident and medical student training in gynecology the best in the country, advance state-of-the-art care through outstanding clinical and basic research and be a resource for community physicians through the institution of regular Continuing Medical Education (CME activities).

Our focus is to care for the whole patient, with particular emphasis on the female reproductive system, including routine primary and preventive care, menopause, and medical or surgical management of all gynecological problems. Our General Gynecology Program provides patients with many choices for personal gynecologic care, dedicated to providing the highest quality health care for women and offers an easy-access approach to complete health care for women.

We offer state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment. Our faculty offer a wide range of services. Many gynecological problems can be managed using medication, lifestyle modification or non-invasive techniques. When surgery is necessary, we offer the full-range of gynecologic surgical modalities including minimally invasive surgical techniques. We also work with our colleagues in interventional radiology for outpatient management of abnormal bleeding and myomas (fibroids). We are able to provide complete care for women with abnormal bleeding, myomas (fibroids), ovarian conditions, endometriosis, cervical conditions and other common gynecologic disorders.

Gynecological services can gradually be built at Sidra OPC and can be offered on alternating days. Sufficient clinic space is available for the development of subspecialty clinics.

Division's Services

Colposcopy Clinics

Diagnostic laparoscopy as part investigations for various indications

Gynecology Operative Cases

Gynecology Outpatient Clinics

Office Hysteroscopy Clinics

Sidra outpatient clinic location map

“Patients and family members, if you are visiting the Sidra Outpatient Clinic, please follow the directions provided in this map for accurate directions. We ensure this map is always current and updated with any changes in routes.”

We are located on 4th Floor, where team participate in ongoing quality improvement and use the latest evidenced-based approaches to provide the best health care to mothers and their babies.


Operating Hours

Sunday - Thursday07:00 am - 03:00 pm
a photo of DR. Adam Akers

Adam Akers

Senior Attending Physician - Internal Medicine

a photo of DR. Wael Elgonaid

Wael Elgonaid

Senior Attending Physician

a photo of pradeep jayaram

Pradeep Jayaram

Attending Physician

Faisal Basama

Senior Attending Physician

Amir Elnahas

Senior Attending Physician

a photo of DR. Ahmed Yassin

Ahmed S. Yassin

Senior Attending Physician

a photo of DR. Justin Konje

Justin C. Konje

Executive Chair - Women’s Services Clinical Management Group

a photo of DR. Nady Mohammed

Nady Mohamed

Division Chief - Gynecology

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