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Division of General Pediatrics

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Division Overview

The aim of the General pediatric division is to establish and advance the provision of pediatric clinical care for children 0-14 years of age with the highest quality, safety, and excellence at every patient encounter. The mission will be providing a multidisciplinary approach in a compassionate, culturally sensitive and patient- and family-centered environment

In achieving our aim to provide care with the highest quality, safety, and excellence, the scope of service at the Sidra Medical and Research Center will be focused on the tertiary and quaternary levels of specialized pediatric medical care, state-of-the-art facilities based on evidence and best practices and, where appropriate, on carefully designed, ethically approved experimental approaches provided by a highly trained international health care team. General pediatric division will closely network with its tertiary care partner, Hamad General Hospital, Primary Health Care Corporation, and other community hospitals in Qatar.


Division Services

General Pediatrics Ambulatory Services

Referrals accepted from pediatricians and family physicians who require a second opinion or assessment   management by an interdisciplinary team

•       Age limit: newborn to less than 14 years of age
•       We do not provide primary care pediatric services
•       The clinics are not for emergencies. If child needs to be seen on an urgent basis, please go to your local pediatrics emergency department.


Examples of condition  benefiting from the General Pediatrics  Consultation Clinic are :
•       Recurrent UTI
•       Enuresis failing initial management
•       Constipation
•       GERD failing initial management
•       Asthma (mild to moderate)
•       Developmental delay requiring diagnosis confirmation
•       Obesity failing initial management
•       Failure to thrive (FTT)
•       Short stature , requiring workup
•       Chronic lymphadenopathy requiring workup
•       Iron Deficiency Anemia  failing  initial treatment
•       High risk outpatient follow-up post inpatient discharge from HMC pediatric floor (identified as high risk by inpatient physician if the patient requires general pediatrician along with pediatric subspecialist )

Sidra outpatient clinic location map

“Patients and family members, if you are visiting the Sidra Outpatient Clinic, please follow the directions provided in this map for accurate directions. We ensure this map is always current and updated with any changes in routes.”

The Department of Pediatric Medicine will ensure compliance with the standards set by the Sidra Quality Department and the directives of the Supreme Council of Health for the wait times and the length of stay (LOS). The directives from the Supreme Council of Health currently require that all patients seen in outpatient clinics be attended to within the 30 minutes of their appointment. Length of stay targets will be set by each division in the Department of Pediatric.


Operating Hours

Sunday - Thursday07:00 am - 03:00 pm

Ahmed Al Hammadi

Division Chief - General Academic Pediatrics

a photo of DR. Sharda Uddasi

Sharda Udassi

Senior Attending Physician

Publications by the division

Dexdometomidine Administration During CPR Decreases the Sympathetic Response After Return of Spontaneous Circulation

Poster discussion Presentation March 2013 at SCCM meeting in Puerto Rico...
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Author(s): Sharda Udassi

Two Thumb CPR provides better brain blood flow as compare to Two Finger CPR in Neonatal Piglet Cardiac Arrest Model

Poster discussion Presentation March 2013 at SCCM meeting in Puerto Rico...
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Published: 15 March 2013
Author(s): Sharda Udassi

Sedation for Infant Pulmonary Function Test usingintranasal Midazolam

Abstract published as a supplement to Pediatric Pulmonology. Poster discussion Presentation October 17-19, 2013 at 2013 North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah...
P. Mondal; S. Udassi; S. Hegde

Published: 17 October 2013
Author(s): Sharda Udassi

Survey on Safety of High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy in Children

Poster discussion Presentation May 16-21, 2013 at ATS 2014 held in San Diego, California...
Hegde S; Udassi S; Sharabu C; Kabbur P

Published: 21 May 2013
Author(s): Sharda Udassi


Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Milan-Italy 30 August to 3 September 2014...
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Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Milan-Italy 30 August to 3 September 2014...
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Author(s): Ahmed Al Hammadi

The Sensitivity of Bacterial Meningitis Score in Children with Acute Meningitis in Qatar

Archives of Disease in Childhood; ADC 97: Suppl 2 A240 doi:10.1136/archdischild-2012-302724.0834...
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Published: 1 April 2012
Author(s): Ahmed Al Hammadi

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