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Outpatient Clinic
Level 1

Hospital Building
Ward 6B

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Gastroenterology / Hepatology / Nutrition

Provides multidisciplinary care for children with gastrointestinal diseases such as aero-digestive conditions, allergic gastrointestinal disorders, congenital disorders of the GI tract, functional gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases, motility disorders, pancreatic diseases and hepatobiliary disease. Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, intestinal rehabilitation program and pre and post liver transplant care (in collaboration with another provider) will also be provided.

The Department of Children’s Medicine will closely network with its partner, HMC (HGH, Women’s Hospital and Heart Hospital) in Doha. In addition, it will also network with the primary care services (e.g. PHCC) and secondary care services at Al Khor Hospital, Al Wakra Hospital and the other hospitals in the HMC network. HMC will provide secondary level of care for Pediatrics (general pediatrics), level II PICU (17 beds) and up to level III NICU.

Services includes:

Aero-digestive conditions

Allergic gastrointestinal disorders

Congenital disorders of the GI tract

Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy

Functional gastrointestinal disorders

Gastrointestinal diseases

Hepatobiliary disease

Inflammatory bowel diseases

Intestinal rehabilitation program and liver transplant service

Motility disorders

Pancreatic diseases

Our Doctors

a photo of Mamoun Elawad

Mamoun Elawad

Division Chief of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

a photo of DR. Anthony Akobeng

Anthony Akobeng

Senior Attending Physician

a photo of Paraic James Mcgrogan

Paraic McGrogan

Senior Attending Physician