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Allied Health

The vision of the Department of Allied Health is to provide outstanding care, rehabilitation, and patient/ family support through the provision of high quality clinicians and services working in an interdisciplinary environment that integrates education, research, and innovation into its model of care.

The Allied Health Department will support all medical specialties covering both inpatients, outpatients and homecare.

Individual Allied Health departments will be available to inpatients and assessment by any allied health clinician can be requested in accordance with Sidra policy.

Staff will be physically based within the patient care areas to facilitate inter-disciplinary working, communication and responsiveness. Allied health clinicians will take an active role in unit rounds, case conferences and specialty meetings as indicated.

As the needs for pediatric allied health services reach beyond the hospital phase, Sidra will partner with local institutions to deliver a seamless continuum of care through to post-acute and long-term care. Although the delivery of care at Sidra will be limited to the acute phase of management, as an outpatient, children may be followed for the longer term in Allied Health clinics or multidisciplinary team clinics (MDTs) as appropriate for their diagnosis and clinical needs.

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