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Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery at Sidra is the primary source for pediatric surgical care in Qatar. Cases requiring pediatric surgical specialty care or general anesthesia, including expert consultation, multidisciplinary care, advanced diagnostic testing, and highly specialized care will be conducted under Sidra’s auspices. Patients will be treated by referral to the appropriate Division of the Department of Surgery.

We provide a tertiary level of care pediatric services.

The Department of Surgery at Sidra provides surgical and other interventional services to the pediatric population in Qatar and the region. It covers all inpatient services, surgical procedures in both an emergency and elective capacity, outpatient clinics and day procedures across a number of surgical specialties.

The Department of Surgery at Sidra is to develop the appropriate team to efficiently diagnose, support, and complete the surgery these patients require, so that their health status is maximized as quickly as possible. All such care will occur in the context of multidisciplinary teams, which will then supervise the ongoing care of these patients and their families. Our goal is to support the family so that these children can return to as normal a childhood as possible.



Dr. David L. Sigalet
Chair of the Department of Surgery


Divisions and Services
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Cardiovascular Surgery

Surgical treatment of organs inside the thorax, heart & lung

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Deals with children with nervous system and spinal cord, including tumors, and trauma care.

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Deals with eye, orbit, and related structures

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Bone and soft tissue injuries, care of spine and skeletal deformities

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Otolaryngology – ENT

Deals with upper aerodigestive tract, ears and nose.

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Pediatric General Surgery

Deal with Head and Neck, Thoracic, Abdomen, Trauma, Burns

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Plastics and Craniofacial

Deals with children presenting with congenital and acquired conditions of the craniomaxillofacial region, thorax, and limbs.

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Deals with kidney and ureters diseases