a Radiology doctor with a patient
Department of Radiology

Sidra’s Department of Radiology will create a new standard for the delivery of pediatric and women’s imaging, focusing on outcomes-based quality in an enriching educational environment. Furthermore, members of the department will continue to provide substantial outreach services in the Qatar community.  Guiding principles:

  • We focus on patients and families first
  • We provide subspecialized expertise
  • We practice haptic radiology, where Radiologists are embedded in clinical care areas
  • We are data-informed
  • We value high reliability and zero harm
  • We employ cutting-edge technology to provide clinical, educational and research services
  • In all that we do, we Respect, Listen and Care.

We are primary, secondary and tertiary pediatric services.

We have continued to provide radiology services to the Primary Health care centers, expanding to provide 7 clinics with services.  These interpretations are provided remotely using Sidra’s PACS alongside a reporting solution that was built by our CMIST team in-house!  PACS was the first clinical system to go-live at Sidra in March 2015.  PHCC and Sidra have extended our contract for services until the end of 2016.  We are reporting all cases within 24 hours, a substantial improvement from their base operating levels where most of the cases were not reported at all, and turnaround time was measured in days.  We also provided significant support for Aspetar, reporting regularly on site.  At QF, our activities included teaching at WCMC-Q (details outlined in the education section) and operationalizing the radiology function at QF clinic.  In all, we provided 18,361 clinical hours in 2015.  Sidra Radiology staff provides clinical work at 5 institutions in Qatar: PHCC (7 clinics), HGH, Aspetar, QF clinic and Al Wakra hospital.




Dr. Deepak Kaura
Executive Chair, Foundation Medical Services (Radiology, Pathology, Anesthesia, Psychiatry, Peri Operative Services)


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