a female doctor with a child and her father
Department of Pediatrics

The Department of Pediatric Medicine provides excellence in inpatient and outpatient clinical care, graduate and postgraduate education and training, clinical and translational research, and community outreach/education for children and their families in Qatar.

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced pediatric medical services for children with medium-to-high complexity conditions in a multidisciplinary manner. We use advanced technology in a digital hospital environment of tertiary and quaternary care.

We work very closely with Hamad Medical Corporation and, for our educational activity, also collaborate with Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar and Qatar Medical School.

Research activities are coordinated with the Sidra Research Center and also with Hamad Medical Corporation and Weill-Cornell Medical College – Qatar.

Our pediatric care – and beyond

Our exceptional caliber of faculty, medical staff, advanced nurse practitioners, nurses, and allied health professionals will advance the highest quality and safety of clinical care for children 0-18 years of age.

At Sidra, we provide the timely diagnosis, efficient evidence – and/or – best practices-based medical care and follow-up of patients, leading to their recovery and optimized health status as quickly as possible.

As part of an ongoing commitment to the community, we offer educational programs and training for medical care providers in the country and in the region.



Dr. Ziyad Hijazi
Chair of the Department of Pediatrics


  • Sunday - Thursday
    07:00 am - 03:00 pm

  • Handicapped Accessible
  • Plaza Level, 1st, 2nd and 4th Floor
Divisions and Services
adolecent medicine

Adolescent Medicine

Provides flexible, responsive and comprehensive health care for teenagers aged 10-18 who need help with eating disorders, co-morbid mood disorders, complex healthcare needs, transition to adult health care, neurodevelopmental, behavioral disorders and primary gynecological care in teens with chronic illnesses.

a child putting the oxygen on her mouth

Allergy & Immunology

Provides cutting-edge clinical services for children with allergic and immunodeficiency diseases including food allergy, atopic dermatitis, asthma, allergic rhinitis, insect hypersensitivity, drug allergy, urticaria and angioedema, eosinophilic esophagitis and primary immunodeficiency diseases

a smiling child with a doctor


Provides all aspects of medical, interventional and surgical care for pediatric and adult patients with congenital or acquired heart disease.

a doctor seeing a child with his father


Provides care for children and adolescents with all forms of congenital and acquired disorders of the skin, nails, hair and mucus membranes

a developmental pediatric with a family

Developmental Pediatrics

Provides children with developmental and behavioral disorders and their families with high quality family-centered care

a photo of a mum and her child looking at the result with a doctor


Provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary care for pediatric patients with a continuum of endocrinopathies, including diabetes mellitus, disorders of growth and puberty, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, thyroid disorders, calcium disorders and obesity.

a photo of a doctor checking the child stomach


Provides multidisciplinary care for children with gastrointestinal diseases such as aero-digestive conditions and allergic gastrointestinal disorders.

a photo of a mum hugging her child while he is injected

General Pediatrics

Provides all level of care, but primarily for children with complex needs.

a photo of a child sneezing

Infectious Diseases

Provides comprehensive and specialized medical care to infants, children, and adolescents with acute and chronic infectious diseases.

a mother holding her child


Provides 24/7, state-of-the-art support for preterm and term neonates born with life threatening conditions, including respiratory, cardiac, renal and gastrointestinal diseases, congenital malformations and neonatal surgical emergencies.

an image of a doctor holding a heart plastic sample


Provides treatment to all children with acute and chronic renal disease, including peritoneal- and hemodialysis and renal transplantation.

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Provides complete diagnostic and therapeutic services for all children with neurological disorders.

a mother giving her child a medicine


Provides cutting edge clinical services for children with any form of lung disease.

a doctor seeing a child


Provides for children with rheumatologic and inflammatory diseases affecting the joints or connective tissues.