pathology department
Department of Pathology

Pathology services at the Sidra Outpatient Clinic include routine and specialized outpatient testing in hematology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomical pathology and genetic testing.  In collaboration with HMC, the laboratory will focus on delivering high quality laboratory diagnostic services to patients at Sidra, and will provide laboratory services to walk-in patients in the near future, in order to enhance the diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of childhood and maternal disease in Qatar.

The mission of the Department of Pathology is to integrate medical science and clinical medicine into patient care, research and education.


a photo of rusung tan


Dr. Rusung Tan
Chair of Pathology




Divisions and Services
Anatomical Pathology

Anatomical Pathology

Provides diagnostic histo- and cyto-pathology services for Sidra patients

clinical biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry

Provides a broad range of testing for pediatric patients as well as pregnant and non-pregnant adults



Provides routine and special hematology testing, and also provides diagnostic immunology and transfusion services

microbiology and virology

Microbiology and Virology

Provides comprehensive diagnostic and consultation services tailored for children and women

Pathology Genetics

Pathology Genetics

Includes Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics and Molecular Oncology Diagnostic facilities

pathology and sciences

Pathology Sciences

Provides advanced molecular testing for infectious diseases