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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology provides the women in Qatar with outstanding healthcare services.

The core concept of Patient and Family-Centered Care is practiced by all of Sidra Medical and Research Center women’s services team members. These concepts align with Sidra’s Mission, Vision, Values, Design Principles and the Quality Plan of Care. The Department addresses the growing needs for more comprehensive patient-focused medical services for women in alignment with the Qatar National Health Strategy 2011-2016 and the Qatar National Vision 2030.

The provision of the services by the Department is based upon three philosophical tenants that:

  • Prenatal life is a major determinant of childhood and adult health and disease;
  • The fetus is the most challenging patient in medicine because of its inaccessibility and the difficulties it presents for treatment and;
  • Progress to prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes requires an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of disease of the major obstetrical syndromes. Such understanding requires the application of high dimensional biology to provide a comprehensive description of the biological processes in complex diseases that affect maternal and fetal outcomes.

It is envisioned that the activities of the Department will not be focused on meeting the outdated visions of gynecological and prenatal care of the 20th century (which largely focused on the prevention of medical complications of pregnancy), but rather focus on the premise that optimization of health- preventive medicine begins in utero.

The Department provides safe health care measured against international benchmarks for the women of Qatar through the use of evidence-based models of best practice. The care provided by the Department is in alignment with the National Health Strategy Goal 1: ensuring the care provided is people-centered: right care, right place, and right time. The Department strives to ensure the tripartite mission of Sidra (Patient care/services inclusive of community outreach and education, Translational Research and Medical Education) is realized.



Dr. Justin Konje
Executive Chair – Women’s Services Clinical Management Group


Divisions and Services
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Care for women with problems female reproductive system and surgical management of all gynecological problems

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Advanced care to pregnant women with complex maternal and fetal conditions

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Maternity Care

Pediatric and maternal pathology with diagnostic laboratory care and services


Women-centric approach concentrated on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period

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Reproductive Medicine

Improvement and maintenance of reproductive health with the goal of family planning