Celebrating International Nurses Day at Sidra

We are proud to have nurses from around the world here at Sidra. In honor of International Nurses Day 2015, we are pleased to put the spotlight on some of our multicultural nursing members and share insights into what motivated them to join the nursing profession and what they will be bringing to Sidra

Laura Corbett – Canada

Laura Corbett from Toronto, Canada is our most recent DAISY Award winner – an award set up to honor and recognize nurses for their skill and dedication to patient care. Laura is a Clinical Nurse Leader with the Birthing Center at Sidra and joined Sidra from Mount Sinai Hospital.

Originally planning to do a degree in medical ethics, Laura got the opportunity to witness a birth and was hooked which started her career in labor and delivery! Working as a nurse for 15 years, Laura aims to create a woman and family-centered approach to providing care to women, babies and their families at Sidra.


Rochelle Johnson – USA

Rochelle Johnson from Minneapolis, USA came to Sidra from The Mother Baby Center in Minneapolis and is a Clinical Educator for OB Triage and Women’s Urgent Care. She has been a nurse for over nine years. Rochelle was motivated to become a nurse believing obstetric nurses have a unique opportunity to influence the health of families in their growing phases, particularly as in her role she can help teach, support and encourage families in times of transition.

She hopes to contribute to the improvement of healthcare delivery and outcomes for the women and children of Qatar, as well as facilitating the advancement of nursing in the region by creating education that enables inter-professional teams to communicate and deliver care that is family centered and focuses on global best practice.


Gregory McGunigle – Canada

Gregory McGunigle is from Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada and has lived or worked in every province or territory, as well as a few states in the USA. Greg is a Clinical Educator for Emergency Services at Sidra and has been a nurse for 24 years. He has clinical experience with all age groups, practicing nursing in many different contexts including hospital, military, cruise ships, prison, outback, native health and transport.

Greg originally planned to become a physician but when he went to the medical school and asked what undergraduate degree would best prepare him for medicine, nursing was the answer.  After completing his nursing degree and starting to practice he loved almost everything about it, especially the diversity the profession offers.


Sara da Fonseca – Portugal

Sara da Fonseca has been a nurse for 16 years and is from Portugal where she worked at Pediatric Hospital Dona Estefania in Lisbon. She is a Clinical Nurse Leader at Sidra, specializing in General Surgery and Urology (Pediatrics).

Sara’s focus is to promote excellence, team building and humanize nursing healthcare in the Operating Room. Sara encompasses her motivation and creativity in order to innovate and to help Sidra become an important reference to top quality nursing in the Gulf Region.


Vicki Charters – New Zealand

Vicki Charters is from New Zealand and is a Clinical Nurse Leader for Pediatric Homecare, currently setting up this service for Sidra.  Vicki’s passion for pediatrics started in 2000 when she graduated as a registered nurse and started working in the pediatric unit in Southland, New Zealand.  In 2010 Vicki moved to Australia and worked in a rural hospital as the Pediatric Lead in commissioning, opening and managing a new pediatric and neonatal nursery.

Vicki hopes to bring to Qatar a Women’s and Pediatric Home Health Care service provision that will be child-focused and family-centered; adopting a culturally sensitive approach to care based on best practice models.


Kathy Maddox – USA

Kathy Maddox is from the USA, joining Sidra from Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona. She has been in the nursing profession for 35 years and is now the Director of Patient Flow and Bed Management at Sidra, responsible for inpatient registration, patient placement and transfers in and out of Sidra. Kathy’s aim is to have a world-class process for these areas that will be successful from the first day that Sidra opens its doors.