Ms Gillian Collins 10 Moons Sidra Medicine patient

Sidra Medicine Launches Qatar’s First Maternity Based Mobile Application – 10 Moons

Sidra Medicine has launched Qatar’s first in-house developed bi-lingual maternity mobile application, 10 Moons – based on the lunar calendar duration of a pregnancy.  The app marks another key milestone in the patient and family focused approach to care provided by the healthcare organization.

10 Moons helps expectant mothers track their pregnancy journey and provides step by step guidance about fetal development,

Updates on Children's Emergency Department

Sidra Medicine updates on Children’s Emergency Department

Following the successful opening of the Children’s Emergency Department (CED) and Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) in July, Sidra Medicine shared plans for continuous testing and training of its facilities and operations to ensure the department is always at the leading edge of world-class patient care.

“We are working together with Qatar’s Ambulance Services to provide an immediate response for children’s emergency cases.